“Anna’s quirky, yoga-loving mother and her ruddy-faced father are entertaining and memorable, their country house a warm and welcoming escape from the madness of public relations... with threads linking the London party scene, Anglo-Irish family life and a sprawling Scottish estate … there are private jets and Porsches pitted against old money and family tradition. The elite are up to their usual tricks, with sex, booze and back-stabbing aplenty. (George) Wyndham’s Scottish estate has passed down through 12 generations, and someone is waiting in the wings to claim their part of it ...  ... more Jilly Cooper than Kate Morton …”

"This is the perfect indulgence read."

Sue Leondard

​​​Photograph by Rachael Comiskey www.rachaelcomiskey.com

'Ally Bunbury is Ireland's answer to Jilly Cooper,' says TV3