March 2019, Ally's latest book Infidelity goes for a re-print, and this time with a new cover. 

The Inheritance is "likely to be very popular with readers of Jilly Cooper’s comfort literature" ​says The Phoenix magazine

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George Wyndham and Sofia Tamper, starring in The Inheritance, by Ally Bunbury

Ally Bunbury writes about the Aga for The Irish Times

"The Inheritance is pure, unadulterated escapism."

Jessie Cahalin, Books in my Handbag blog

"This is the perfect indulgence read."

Sue Leonard

The Inheritance differs from other novels in shining a light on a very different contemporary Ireland from the one most of us know. When Anna brings George home to Farley Hall, they’re greeted by peacocks, thoroughbreds and a housekeeper who defrosts a pheasant for dinner. As you do. June 2017, ​The Inheritance.

Ally Bunbury, photograph by Rachael Comiskey 

“Anna’s quirky, yoga-loving mother and her ruddy-faced father are entertaining and memorable, their country house a warm and welcoming escape from the madness of public relations... with threads linking the London party scene, Anglo-Irish family life and a sprawling Scottish estate … there are private jets and Porsches pitted against old money and family tradition. The elite are up to their usual tricks, with sex, booze and back-stabbing aplenty. (George) Wyndham’s Scottish estate has passed down through 12 generations, and someone is waiting in the wings to claim their part of it ...  ... more Jilly Cooper than Kate Morton …”

Ally Bunbury with 

Dave Fanning, on The Ryan Tubridy Show June 2018